Irregular splodge on page when printing to PDF

Hi there,

I’m just revising some drawings to go off to a builder, I’m getting a red splodge over my PDF that’s hiding dimensions. Have had this problem before (Rhino6), but don’t know how or why it went away. Assuming it has something to do with my Dimensions layer as it’s only come about since altering them today.

Currently using Rhino5 as my there is a driver issue with my Rhino6 and have just been in a rush to get these drawings done. Exporting with Bullzip Printer. Have tried both Vector and Raster outputs.
Thanks, Brianna

Hello - can you send us the file? To - please include a link to this topic in your comments


I think I found what it was. I had a layer with imported hatches from an Autocad drawing and when I turned it off the splodge went away.
This happened in both Rhino 5 and 6.
Was able to print to PDF and send those drawings off thankfully.