IronPython & Mac OSX Issue

I have downloaded the latest WIP version and IronPython, andI can run scripts but… I cannot find the Script Editor command; if I type “_EditPythonScript” in the “Repeat Command” box I get “Unknown or unimplemented command”.

I am certain that I am doing something stupid, but I wonder if there is an issue with, or between, the current downloads as all the documentation implies that there should be a Script Editor command on the “Tools” menu, but I cannot see one.

All help gratefully received.

Nope, nothing stupid. There is no built-in script editor for Mac yet… You can find an article here that tells you how to install and run Komodo to use as a script editor…

Edit: I should add, I guess that this is just a help in writing scripts, it won’t help with running or debugging them in MacRhino as far as I know…