Iris Xe Max compatibility with Rhino 7

We have recently bought a Rhino 7 license and we would buy a compact laptop like this:

It mounts the Iris Xe Max that has 4gb Ram and support OpenGL 4.6 , do you think it could work?

Hi @supportit
My 2 cents: It depends on what you will be using it for. As you can see here and here, it more or less compares to the GeForce MX350 or the GTX 1050 depending on the test. It should work (without knowing how good the drivers are), but it’s not gonna be super fast. If you are looking for something that will handle large models or any form of real time rendering, I think you will be better off with a dedicated, faster card. If it’s for smaller/less complicated stuff, you should be good - although I know nothing about how well OpenGL is supported in the Iris drivers.
HTH, Jakob

Thank you very much!