Iris not working in V6

Hi @fraguada

I downloaded Iris today and could not export from V6:


Exporting from V5 did work. …However
The html does work in FireFox but not in Chrome it gets stuck at the loading screen.

Also there seems to be a bug in the views, It appears that the target is always at 0.0.0
Tweaking the html code where the views are defined did result in changes when editing the transformation matrix (camera position) However, editing the target coordinates does not (seem) to affect the target location.
Is this a known issue?

While at it:
I updated iris to investigate it’s use as a custom viewer for our clients.
If I want to find a developer to add a UI layer with our specific functionality needs, what language should it be developed in. Or maybe better ask: what language/platform can be used to add such a GUI?


Thanks for the report. I’ll check on these this week.

The technology to view the generated file is javascript through the three.js library. Iris ships with a small web app that is two parts, the gui and the app logic, both written in javascript. The app is in charge of loading the file via Three.js. The GUI uses jQuery and Bootstrap for the UI elements and interaction.

That being said, I’ve been rewriting that whole part of Iris with Vue.js, a very nice front end framework. I hope to have this ready by April, and hopefully it will be open source so you could potentially start from this, or use it to get an idea of how to load the generated json.

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