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(Luis Fraguada) #1

Hello All,
I wanted to open up a kind of Gallery where users could share what they were doing with Iris. If you have any screenshots (taken with the handy new screenshots feature!) or links to live models, please post them here. I’ll start:

You’ve probably already seen this image and other versions of this model before. It is mostly a test model which I generated from a simple mesh box utilizing Weaverbird by @piac. I used Grasshopper to paint the vertices based on how exposed each vertex was. I did this to test vertex colors in Iris. In the latest versions, Environment Textures on materials are supported, so I decided to put a shiny environment texture to test. The result shows how environment textures and vertex colors mix.

In the screen shot, you can see a few new buttons on the top left: Capture Image, Zoom Extents, and Zoom Selected. You can now select objects in the webapp (there will be a yellow wireframe box around the selected object). If an object or objects are selected, you can use Zoom Select to focus the view on them. I’m still tweaking the settings to make it work as expected in all situations.

As a comparison, this is an image from the Proof of Concept stage of development where I was just getting my hands dirty with all of this:

Anyways, I encourage you to post images and links of the things you are exporting to the web through Iris. For other issues with exporting, please use another thread or create a new topic.

Iris: WebGL Export Plugin for Rhino