iRhino WIP - Close button

I HAVE a small user interface suggestion please.

On first opening iRhino, one sees underneath “File” two buttons: “Open” and just below it, “Close”.

  • To be presented immediately with a button to close [a file] seems odd!

  • I doubt it is the intention to have more than one file open at any one time—but if it were, I could not see the point!

  • Unless that were the (dubious) intention, then having the two options presented together seems counter-intuitive.

  • Is it possible please to make the initial Open button into a single, toggle switch? i.e. as soon as a file is opened, the button switches to become a Close button.

There would also be a small saving in screen space plus, when seeking to close a file, a reduction in the chance of inadvertently pressing an Open button.



We had a lot of requests for a close button in iRhino over the years as people didn’t want their models accidentally showing when opening the app for different clients.

I agree that having a close button available when no model is actually open seems a bit unnecessary right now, but I also don’t think it is causing much damage by being there. I can imagine in the future there would also be import and save buttons.

OK, here’s another suggestion, just a minor one.

However if it were possible, I think it could be well-suited to the intended main function of iRhino for display and viewing:

An ability in perspective projection to vary the camera lens focal length.
Between say, 20mm to 100mm and ideally via a slider (?).

I reckon if that worked, it could look spectacular.