iRhino WIP and Lidar

Any plans to link this with the lidar on the iPad pro and or 13 pro…?

Is there some specific feature that uses lidar that you are hoping to have?

I’m not much of a writer so my answer below may not make good sense. I’m fully aware that these features would come at a cost and may be best developed by a 3rd party which would be fine.

Yes…I work in the stone industry, we do both interior and exterior projects where the back-up structure is built by other trades. It would be great to link a 3d Rhino file of my stone work to a real world building/room construction site. If the scanning function of the lidar could measure the building/room and then merge the two together I could tell immediately, if my stone panels were going to fit.

Example…If my stone walls where supposed to be installed to provide a room exactly 20’-0" X 20’-0" and I needed 5" from the face of my finished stone to the back-up structure the dimensions of that room would need to be 20’-10" X 20’-10" before I start to install my stone panels. It would also be nice if say I had half the stone panels already installed and I wanted to check the fit into a corner, I could select one of the stones from the 3d model and then focus on the same stone that was already installed and link the 3d to the real world building/room that way.


The next version of iOS due out this fall will include a toolkit called RoomPlan which we intend to use in iRhino. The quality of the scan will probably be significantly better on devices with Lidar.


Are Ya’ll working on this in-house now…? If so how is t going…?


We aren’t actively working on any iOS features at the moment. The current focus is on fixing crashes with older hardware, adding markup tools and improved support for rendered display mode.

I know it’s only been a couple of months since I last asked…But any work yet with RoomPlan…? It’s going to be hard to convince the boss I need a 14 Pro until I can show him something that uses the LiDAR.


Not yet. Apple has not released iPadOS 16 yet and we won’t do any investigation into 16 specific features like room plan until that time.

IOS 16 was released Sept. 12…The developer version has been out since June. I understand iRhino is a free program and not top priority.


iPadOS 16 has not been released. We need to wait for the 16 version for both iPhone and iPad.

Catcha…I didn’t even check the iPad version date…I understand.

Hi Brian,

I do not see anywhere in this thread where you have defined the accuracy you would expect from the iPhone LIDAR.

I think that is a significant consideration and I doubt Apple is offering those specs, as the iPhone is not intended to compete in the market of devices costing 10’s of thousands more.

What is accurate enough for you over 20 feet,1/2", 1/4" ? … if its going to cost $2000 for an iPhone that can’t deliver the accuracy you need its probably not a good investment.

Hi Brian,
I work with LIDAR data ever day, we use 3D scanners to create accurate models of boats for repair and refit. We use a Faro S70 3D scanner, it costs about $80k (AUD), I wouldn’t even consider using an I-Phone for commercial scanning work, it would be an insult to our clients.

I work with stone and I’m not planning on using the iPhone’s LiDAR as a tool to measure and then order stone from. I’m really hoping to be able to integrate my 3d Rhino model with real world jobsites.

1/4" in 20 foot would be close enough for what I would like to do with iRhino in the future.

I wouldn’t expect a $1000 iPhone to be as accurate as an $80,000 scanner…That said for our use it would be good enough and I’ll have $79,000 left over.

As far as me wanting a new phone and trying to justify a 14 Pro instead of say a 12…I need a new phone anyway my old 7 is giving me issues, the price difference is only around $500.

Hope this explains my expectations/wishes to be added to iRhino.

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Just so you know, iRhino will require iOS 16 when it is released to the App Store. This means it will not run on an iPhone7

I don’t know that Apple would give you a hard spec like ±1/4" over 20 feet (or expected accuracy over any distance). I’m afraid that’s something you would have to test for yourself. Maybe someone here has done some testing with iPhone Lidar that would give you a better indication of what you could realistically expect before you buy.

The sensor size on phone cameras including Apple is is smaller than a professional DSLR. You may get better accuracy with photogrammetry software, a “prosumer” DSLR and manual scaling assuming you have hard reference points and can measure reference distances accurately within the tolerance you reguire.

You might consider posting your questions on various forums such as Metashape or Reality Capture (or other) that develop software that use photogrammetry to generate 3D … there may be people on those forums that would have a better sense of the iPhone Lidar VS photogrammetry accuracy.

@brianscottwheeler the latest build of iRhino on TestFlight contains support for room scanning with LiDAR iPhones/iPads. Please see this post for getting the latest WIP build from TestFlight

Tap the “Room Scan” button to begin

On LiDAR enabled devices you should be guided on scanning a space

When done, you can save the geometry to a 3dm file.


And just in time for Christmas! :smiley:

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This feature is now available as part of the standard App Store distribution. It also includes detection of different household items which are placed in different layers.

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Nice, works like a charm on my phone!

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