iRhino open STL is missing

V 8.0.22237

  1. Can’t read an STL file
  2. Doesn’t show Previously opened files

Did I miss something in the “upgrade”?

Regarding STL

Hi Paul -

… just wondering - is your post in the correct category?

The open button shows the iOS Files app which has a recents section. That makes the Recents portion of iRhino redundant (and it didn’t work well either.)

Thank you Steve
Should we reference build numbers or version numbers?

The numbers you referenced were fine

after this update I get an “unsupported Format” for an STL file, [which was supported in previous version. is that by intent?

thanks a lot

Yes, that is intentional for now. We are trying to figure out how we can quickly replace the existing and free iRhino app on the app store. Part of that process is enabling only features that we are very comfortable with being free. We haven’t decided that non-3dm format reading should be free or not yet, but by removing the feature set for now we don’t have to think about it and can come back to that feature later.

I would like to make a first iteration of this new iRhino available on the App Store shortly after iOS 16 is released as that will be the minimum iOS version we plan to support. That means sometime later this year.

Will I be able to log in with my Rhino account and use my license to access non-free features? …or will this be an additional one-time pay-when-you-install fee / app-store subscription?

We don’t really know yet. The most straight forward route seems to be an app store subscription, but I don’t even want to think about paid for features until we have something people would be willing to pay for as well as have a good replacement for the free app.

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Can the app only open 3dm files? I downloaded some Step and Iges files from McMaster Carr but it’s not wanting to open them.

The current version of the app only supports 3dm files.