iRhino doesn‘t save anymore

Hey folks,
today I got big trouble with my irhino (Beta)
I can‘t save anymore.
I use a m2 - 2022 IPad with the newest iOS
The version told me that I have to update to the latest version - hehe this was exactly how I get into this trouble :wink:

I’m not seeing that here, Are you using version 8.3.23339?

If you’re referring to the “Work in Progress” dialog, that’s always been there. If you tap “OK” or in your case “Ignorieren” you should be able to save like normal. Maybe that translation is confusing?

Yes I am using the .23339 and no it is another dialogue-
Translated it tells me that I have to update to a newer version before saving a file and I can‘t click it away.
Later (now I am on the gi without my tablet) I want to restart the Ipad - maybe this helps

Interesting, this is the first time I’m seeing this happen.
That dialog was meant to be shown if your current build is more than 60 days old. Which isn’t in the case of 23339 . Unless your device’s date is not correct or is in a format that I didn’t anticipate.

I’m gonna remove that condition in the next build, I don’t think we need it. But in the meantime verify that your device date is correct.

We need this condition; please do not remove it.

Testflight automatically expires builds after 90 days. Isn’t that basically the same?

That is fine to remove for expiring testflight builds. If we have this feature in the shipping app store builds that do not expire, I think we need to keep it.

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After the restart of the IPad no change but I found a kind of strange behavior/ solution. . .
If I click on the left side of the save button (save to / speichern unter) I am not allowed to save but if I click on the right side (where to change Rhino 8 or 7) I am allowed to save.

Did you verify that the date on your iPad is correct?

Yes of course and as I wrote - I am able to save if I click on the right side of the Button

I released another testflight build today that doesn’t have the save restriction.
Please try updating to 8.3.23345 (17.38.1)