iRhino app compatibility with Rhino 7

Hi there. I recently started using Rhino V7 for mac and found that a file I saved from V7 does not want to initialize in iRhino. I then took the same file, opened it in RhinoV5, saved it from there without modifying it and then it works 100% in iRhino.
Did anyone else experience this?

Your observation is correct.

We’re working on a completely new version that will read any version of Rhino 3dm file and will support files on your iOS device.

Hopefully we’ll have something in the next month that can be beta tested.

— Dale


Hi @dale
Good to hear that iRhino is getting a little (and much needed!) attention!

Thanks Dale.
I love this app. Any chance that there will be additional features in the app like ability to add dimensions in a drawing that will show up in iRhino or maybe a notation or markup tool ?

All geometry types and all display modes will eventually be supported as well as layouts.

The current focus is on a high quality viewer; once that is working we can investigate adding tools for things like dimensioning, markup and analysis.


Thanks Steve!