iRhino adding Dimensions

Is there any way to add dimensions? using the gum ball I can’t select the handles or add dimensions . Also selecting objects seems a bit hit and miss. ShapR 3d would be a good place to look for inspiration.

You can do this in iRhino3d WIP via Testflight.

You can find dimension tools under “Drafting” in the commands menu as this video shows:

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You have done an amazing job with iRhino3d, It feels so smooth and weirdly better than Rhino on my desktop pc. Probably such a clean and well thought userinterface greatly affects my opinion.
Really good job.


sorry i should have explained better can you input the sizes of the object you want to create? ie make a cube 15mm x 400 x 750? or a poly line 1000mm in length ?

I see, yeah you can type in values when running a command by tapping this button.

When you enter the value, hit the return button or the green checkmark to continue.

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Ok great i will give that a try , what about inputing a size on the gum ball or creating a solid from a 2d line via the gumball ?

Gumball in iRhino still needs a lot of work.

There is so much potential in this app you basically have a full version of rhino hidden away in it, once the interface gets sorted out this could be amazing . I look forward to more updates.