iRhino 3D iPad performance

I’m using the new iRhino 3D on a 2015 iPad Pro with 2GB of RAM. The simple sample models (espresso machine etc) work fine. But when I load the 150MB complex architectural model I need to work with, everything jams up and I can’t use it. Is iRhino 3D designed to work with newer models, eg M1 and M2? Or is it designed only to use small, simple models? Any help is appreciated. Thanks

I have a 2015 iPad Pro in my suite of devices that I test on while developing iRhino. I do notice that iRhino feels much slower on this device than on the newer iPad and iPhone that I also test with. On these newer devices, larger architectural models open and are usable.

There is always the chance that this is a bug and is model specific. I would be happy to run tests of your model on my different devices to see if this is a bug that can be fixed or if the model just performs better on a new iPad. Please send me the model if you want me to try and see what can be done. You can use our upload service at Rhino - Upload to Support and reference me (


@ABM108 I just tested that files that you sent me.

  • On a 2015 iPad Pro the performance is very bad
  • On a 2020 iPad Air (4th gen) the files rotate smoothly
  • On a iPhone 13 Pro the files rotate smoothly

We do plan on continuing to work on performance improvements, but that task is still a few months out and I’m not sure if they will be enough to get the older iPad Pro to perform well enough on these models.

Thanks Steve, this is much appreciated. I tested it also on my iPhone 11 Pro, and it was also smooth. However I found that in loading a larger 150MB file, I couldn’t change the view easily and iRhino would crash if I tried to go, for instance, from Rendered to Ghosted or Shaded.

On another topic, I’m using an evaluation version of Rhino 7 for Mac and it’s very laggy even on my M1 Macbook Pro with a Pro chip. I couldn’t run Rhino 8 WIP on an evaluation licence … can you tell me if the performance is improved in 8 Beta? Thanks.

If you can send me this model and I can repeat the crash, there’s a good chance we can fix it in a short period of time.