iRhino 3D and iOS 9

iOS 9 is releasing publicly tomorrow. The current version of iRhino 3D on the App Store (2.1.4) will crash on iOS 9. We are currently working on updating iRhino 3D so that it is compatible with iOS 9 and it will be submitted soon. There are a couple minor bugs to fix and we will be ready to submit to the Apple App Store for review. This process can take a couple hours - or a couple of days. We apologize for the delay.

Update: iRhino 3D 2.1.5 is currently in review on the Apple iOS App Store. It was submitted last Friday (September 18th). Currently, the reported average wait time is 7 days for review. Again, sorry for the delay.

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Update: iRhino 3D 2.1.5 has been approved by the Apple iOS App Store. The update should be available now - or very soon - depending on your geographic location. Sorry for the crashes and delayed update.

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working well now.