Invisible items! Only contours showing

I have a new problem, I created this basic table and copied it and it is only shown as contour but invisible. I thought it might be some sort of material I assigned to it but I havnt and either way I changed the layers etc to another one and still the same thing. It is not a block btw that I need to explode

I can of course delete it and redraw it but thought it would be helpful to know how deal with it in the future.

Anyone? It is basically just a rectangle box, with 4 cylinders that I scaled 1D, nothing more done to it. No smoothing edges or anything like that.

Can you simply export the object (_ExportSelected) and post the file here? I suspect the object might have something wrong with it that is preventing Rhino from creating a display mesh - therefore the object is invisible in any shaded mode (but that’s just a theory). If you run Explode on the object, do the individual parts become visible?


Thanks for your reply! Sure, ill upload it now. If I exploded the extrusion the surfaces becomes solid. Ill upload it now. Again, the fix to redraw is not difficult in this case but in case it would be a more complex drawing, I would love to know the solution.table.3dm (251.8 KB)

Just running RefreshShade on the objects will solve that.

Also, please update your Rhino version - you are on a November 2013 version…