Invisbible geometry in one view only (R5)

G’day everyone,

The screenshot below shows that in the top view there is geometry missing. This was visible last week.

Rhino 5 issue, so I realise there may be limited options to fix it. Rhino 6 has been installed somewhat recently and updated. Some new RAM has also been added to the PC recently. I’m about to install the latest Quadro K2200 drivers and see if that helps.

Anyone else with thoughts on the matter?


I believe you may have a clipping plane active. Try selecting the clipping plane(s) and deleting them. ( SelClippingPlane )

At least that’s what it was when similar thing happened to me. :slight_smile:

Also you may try selecting the bad objects. ( SelBadObjects )

Nope, no clipping planes.

Updating the driver hasn’t solved the problem.


No bad objects either.

The invisible geometry is pretty simple, mostly untrimmed planar surfaces.

Hello - what do the camera coordinates look like in that view? (Properties, with no selection)


G’day Pascal,


I played with the Z location of the camera and this seems to have fixed the problem. Thanks for the hint @pascal.

Oh, good…thanks for letting us know.