Invert a random selection

I have a bunch of curves put together in a curve geometry.
using a random reduce i can select some of this curves. to work with them
how can I select the other curves, the “reduced curves”? like invert the selection of the random reduce element.

can anybody help me?

I think Random Reduce basically reduces a set of integers, which are the indices of whatever you’re working with, so using Set Difference, you can find the inverse.

invert (10.7 KB)


When you run into components like this that don’t have a convenient index output you can get them using the Item Index component, then just cull those index from the original list.

get (9.8 KB)


Thank You Ethan!
That´s what I wanted!

It´s good to know, this easy way to handle the (imported) data.
Thank You Michael!