Invalid UCount Error when combining three txt arrays

Hi there -

We are trying to take a point cloud and turn it into a solid, but are getting an “Invalid UCount Error. Count must be greater than 1.” error related to the recombining points. In the past this has happened when the point cloud wasn’t generated in sequence. We’ve made the points in sequence and also tried to use CSV vs a list, but to no avail.

Any help would be appreciated.

image (13.0 KB)

If you post a gh file that isn’t internalized your text data which exist only in your C: drive, there seems to be no one who can help you with…

Hi - All that is needed is a surface TXT so please find sample attached

test_z.txt (300 Bytes)
test_y.txt (310 Bytes)
test_x.txt (308 Bytes) (12.9 KB)

Wait, you fixed it? Or did it work with the points? I ask because maybe there is a way the points are saved (I tried to recreate it) that is the problem.

I did nothing with your text files. Inputting each file path according to your file name(x,y,z) respectively was all I’ve done.