Invalid surface. How to Treat?

Invalid surface. How to Treat?

bug surf.3dm(1.4 MB)

Hi Leex

The command UntrimAll will restore the surface to it’s untrimmed stage.
In your example it appears the current outer edge is untrimmed so ‘UntrimAll’ suffices to fix the inward trims. How did this surface came to be? Is it created in Rhino, or did it come from an import?

In any case; working on this scale (small objects), I’d like to advice you to use a smaller file tolerance of 0.001. (best leave it like this for now, but use it for future files)


Looks like some very odd trims - maybe got partially split from some surface touching it? In any case Untrim fixes it…


This happened after Boolean operations.
Thanks for untrimAll

Leex, can you please send to, or post, the input objects, if they still exist, for the Boolean?



Did not survive.
This file is sent to me by my friend.
Done in the Rhino 4
There’s accuracy was very low 0.1