Intro to Environments in V6

Is it me or the new video "Intro to Environments in V6 " is a dud. I tried both my browsers, Chrome and Opera and either of them couldn’t make it play…


You have to go to vimeo channel to find the good link. There was a little error done.

Thanks for posting it here.


Hi @laurent_delrieu - Thanks for pointing it out! Some settings changed in Blogger and trying to make it work like it used to, I never added back the link to the video, in the post. It should work now!

Who is the presenter in this video? She has my highest compliments. She was very well prepared, presented the interactions at a speed which was easy to follow, explained each feature at a level appropriate to the average user new to environments, demonstrated the effect of each feature as it was discussed and stuck to the key points without a lot of superfluous information or wandering pauses. The audio volume was perfect right in the middle of my Macbook audio level settings.

Clearly, she has done this before. Well done! Very professional.

At 5 seconds into the video, @Vanessa presents herself :wink:

Whoops. I guess I missed it.

Edit: I went back and viewed it again. There she was. I missed it because I was still turning on my audio and adjusting the volume.

Thanks Vanessa!

I agree. We need more tutorials like that… About 10 min long and on specific feature.



@AlW @AdamBBLee - Thank you for the kind compliments! We’ll be doing more of these for sure. In fact, the idea has been to increase the frequency in which we release them. Time and other tasks haven’t always allowed for it. I agree that the length and content are important factors to be chosen with care. I will be working on the next one soon… I now feel more motivated :wink: .


Go Vanessa! We love your work.:panda_face:

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May I suggest that links to them be included in the online help with the appropriate command? Also on the website, listing the links in one place with a brief description for offline Rhino users to explore when they are using their online computer?

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I’m a freelancer, working in teams is rarity, so tutorials are great thing of learning how others do their stuff. Even after watching basics I often find something new or hidden and going; aha…:slight_smile:


Hi @AlW - Organizing and classifying the tutorials is an ongoing discussion here. We’ve definitely talked about at least linking the Vimeo page to the tutorials page. Adding a link to these in the Online Help I think is a really good idea. I’ll add an item for the Documentation team. Thanks :slightly_smiling_face:!


One of the MOST SERIOUS shortcomings of “video tutorials” , however, is a general emphasis on "see how smart I am !!?!! in MANY of the “Video Tutorials” put up by individual users, masquerading as “Let me help” “Tutorials”. A STRONG filter for EFFECTIVENESS would be a VERY welcome part of the effort to integrate tutorials into the help system.

One challenge will be RHINO licensing each linked tutorial as Original I-P of the creator. Every 20-something who’s CERTAIN they’re “Smart” or at least “Creative” will be looking for 1. $$$ and 2. validation with this process whether they truly merit that validation or not, so be careful … !

ALL the VERY BEST to ALL from Texas -


A capital observation.