How do I get the intraLattice component on the main windows of grasshopper, so I can create a preset cell. (Subsequently a scaffold) So far I only have ‘params’ to ‘kangaroo2’.

To find and install plugins you can use the PackageManager command in Rhino, but not all plugins can be found there. Intralattice can be found via the Food4Rhino site:

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I’ve dowloaded the plugin for Grasshopper and pasted it inside the “components” folder but nothing happens. The button doesn’t appear on the Grasshopper menu. Any Ideas of how to solve this issue?

It an issue with the Mac computer, on windows computers the intrlattice file’s properties are selected and the block is set. However, this approach is not the same on the Mac, has anyone opened the file properties on the Mac ?

I think it’s Windows only

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