Intralattice: Using Meshes and Curves from Multiple Files Together

Hi all,

I am using Intralattice to populate a volume defined by two custom surfaces that I have generated from an existing stl mesh with a custom unit cell that I have defined in Rhino. Right now the meshes that define my two surfaces and my unit cell are in different files. I want to know how I can use multiple Rhino files in Grasshopper. I would like to use my 1 file in Rhino with my volume defining meshes and my unit cell defining mesh to create a new file of my unit cell populating my custom defined volume. I am using set curves to define my unit cell in Intralattice, and set meshes to set my volume. Furthermore, whenever I close and reopen the program, I need to reset my curves and volumes each time. Is there a way to tell Grasshopper what curves or meshes I want to set each time and have that save after I close the program?

Any help is appreciated, thank you

Attach multiple Rhino Files together via worksession (save worksession), Grasshopper will depend on how you are referencing the objects, even if its by the right click set object it will work, as long as the object isn’t recreated (GUID). You can also reference by layer (Geometry Pipeline) or by plugin components such as Human/Elefront which let you reference by about anything (layer, type, usertext…). All work with worksessions.

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