Interval location?

Hi All,

Very new to grasshopper, i’m trying to find the Interval battery that used to be in the old Scaler tab?
can someone direct me?

Also, i’m running into this issue a lot so is there a link where i can download previous versions of Grasshopper for Rhino 5?


Nevermind, just found it under domain :slight_smile:

i’m trying to find the Interval battery

There are two parts of grasshopper. Parameters and Components. Parameters hold geometry, components do things. What you call as battery is called a component. Just for future in case you have more questions and someone does not understand what you mean so you know the terminology.

Thank you Michael. Good to know.
I’m also finding that my grasshopper work is displaying in every viewport but my perspective view-any thoughts?

Are you using Rhino 6 and is your perspective view by any chance set to rendered display mode. Rendered in Rhino 6 won’t display gh unless it has a material.

Got it
thank you!