Intersection with Swept surface adds control points (a lot)

When I intersect a plane and a swept surface the resulting curve profile adds a lot of control points. This creates complications later when re-running a loft from intersections and converting to a mesh. When I intersect a plane and a lofted surface the resulting curve profile is fine. See below. Any way around this?

When converting the surface to a mesh I get a kind of discontinuity (see below). Anyway around this?

Hi MIke- can you please post the objects and the cutting planes?


Sure, see attached sample file. Thanks. Test3.3dm (502.4 KB)

It is not as extreme in this example but the issues are present.

Thanks - well, here’s the thing - if the section occurs on an isocurve of the surface - as with your straight, vertical examples, then the intersection can be simplified to an isocurve. As soon as the sectioninf surface make a curve that is not an isocurve (i.e. most of the time) then Intersect will return an approximation, the complexity of which is determined in part by the unit absolute tolerance in the file (Document Properties > Units). In general, for an arbitrary intersection of surfaces (or projection of curves on surfaces, the result will be much more complex than the input objects. More related blah-blah here: