Intersection issues - revolved surface vs pipe

I’m trying to recreate a pattern around a revolved surface but looks like Rhino can’t handle the intersection between some of the pipes ends and the surface. is this a bug?

if 2 spheres coincide at that exact spot, yes unfortunately rhino does not handle such situations accurately. what did you try to intersect the round cap with?

if you post a file we could work out something.

thanks for the reply, they are not 2 spheres, just a revolved surface and a small pipe with round ends. as you can see from the object intersection in yellow looks like is just a bug as the pipe is clearly intersecting the surface…I’m now having to redraw each end of the small pipe with a sphere…

If you post the file I can look but in cases like this it is often that the intersecting revolved surface needs some more knots closer to the intersection location. Use InsertKnot on the surface first to test.

attached is an example, if I try to trim the surface with the pipes only a few do it. I don’t understand why.

test.3dm (10.0 MB)

Hello - most of these will work if you tighten the file tolerance to .001; .01 is a little loose for objects this size. They will all work if the large surface is rebuilt - using Rebuild with 24 points and degree 5 in U (around) direction and 6 points/ degree 5 in V is quite accurate. The rational exact revolve is harder for the intersector, it seems.