Intersection fails

Intersection fails in the attached example.
It is not complete.

Intersection fail.3dm (69.1 KB)

Tested with Rhino 1.1.
Yes, 1.1.
No problem for 1.1.
In Rhino 3 it works as well.

Rhino 4 fails.
Rhino 5 fails.

Hi Charles, thanks, I see this. One way to get better results for now, is to InsertKnot > Automatic a couple of times on each surface, Intersect, CopyToClipboard the results, Undo the InsertKnot and then Paste…


Thanks Pascal.

Better results, yes, but not good results.
Not good enough for trim or booleans.

With 7x InsertKnot it takes very long to calc the intersection.
And it is still not ok.
The workaround doesn’t work.

This example was made in V6 with very simple and clean geometry.
The near 20 year old Rhino 1 can handle it.
Guess what I think…