Intersection curves

(Coker-0ne) #1


I am trying to create a metallic structure of a ramp and i made an approach as the script below. I want toextract the curves in which my planes intersect with the ramp. Is there any way better than project cause i have some failures. (1.4 MB)


Check this out… (1.4 MB)

(Coker-0ne) #3

Thank you very much HS_Kim!

(Coker-0ne) #4

I have one more question…Do you have any idea why I get this result on the corners of some joined curves when using the pipe command? (1.4 MB)

(Michael Pryor) #5

Pipe cannot always solve the miter at a polyline corner.

(Coker-0ne) #6

Is there anything else i can do instead?

(Michael Pryor) #7

Dunno. You haven’t internalized your curves.

(Erick Vásquez) #8

just simplify your messy polyline.

(Coker-0ne) #9

It worked with simplify! Thank you!