Intersection curves in Make2D


I guess, this question is mostly addressed to @GregArden however feel free to contribute.

Please see enclosed an example of Make2D command - this is done from 2 intersected tubes.
Make2d produces only tangent curves. But what about intersection curve? Can it be also produced in Make2D?

Otherwise I have to produce it before and include in the objects of Make2D command.

Thanks in advance.
make2D_Tube.pdf (19.3 KB)

This is a common request and is probably near the top priority for computational Make2D enhancements (there is also a big need for UI improvements). Right now I’m am still working on getting the basic functionality working well. The current code is not designed to compute the missing intersections so you have to find them and precompute them. However I’m sure I could add some code to detect most of these cases and show the intersection lines.
Greg Arden

Thanks for update, Greg.

Looking forward to test improved functionality of Make2D.
Hopefully will be also possible to embed it into RhinoCommon with same functionality.


Hello @GregArden

Just would like to know how is the progress on the enhanced Make2D?
Is it possible to test new/enhanced functionalities in WIP version?
Is it implemented in RC already?