Intersection bug: Brep/Brep

Hi guys,

Enclosed is the file with intersection bug.
here I am trying to intersect 2 surfaces.

See enclosed .3dm and .pdf files.
Abs tolerance is 0.001.

Any hint why?

intersection_error.3dm (109.7 KB) intersection_err.pdf (2.8 MB)
P.S. Using the latest SR 10


I don’t see any error. Your file contains the intersection curve and it’s just normal.

What ‘error’ do you find?


Hi Dmitry- I see that - for now, InsertKnot on the Black surface, in V, using MidPoints = Yes, twice in the area of the gap in the curve.
I’ll send your file to the developer - thanks.

intersection_error_PG.3dm (114.9 KB)