Intersection between a projected curve and some lines (potential issues with NetworkSurf or loft?)

Hi Everyone,

Continuing my project, I have now succeeded in constructing lines to make a Surface.
I have created a Surface using the Loft option on which I am projecting a curve.

now, I would like to get the intersection points between the transverse lines and my projected curve.
It seems to work for the first 2, but fail to find other intersections.
I believe this is due to the lofted surface I have created; even by selecting the “tight” option, this surface doesn’t follow perfectly the construction lines I am using. So the projected curve is not intersecting with all the construction lines.

To by-pass this, I have tried to use the NetworkSurface fonction. However, the fonction doesn’t seem to work for some reason. I have selected my construction line as U and some other curves as V, but nothing happens…

Is there anyone that could give me some experience on Loft or Network ? and see if I can achieve my intersection goal ?

Thanks !!

You can use CrvProx (Curve Proximity) to find the closest points between curves, whether they intersect or not.

Thanks Joseph,

This works better but doesn’t achieve 100% as I would like to get the two intersections and be able to tweak the proximity value.

Is there any way I can do that ?

Also, since this doesn’t work yet, I have tried another approach by extruding the line and trying to find the intersections with my straight lines…
This doesn’t seem to work either, unfortunately.

Hi Guys,
I managed to figure it out.
I have extruded the outline and used SLX (Surface/line intersection) to calculate the points.

This gives me a series of points that I can use.