Intersecting two surfaces


I would like to know how I can intersect two surfaces and ensure that I have no free edges.

If you can imagine a rectangular surface that’s say 1000mmx500mm (drawn in top view), then in front view, I draw another planar surface perpendicular to this surface that’s only 200x200mm. Let’s say I position the second smaller surface somewhere in the centre of the first surface.

If I wanted to avoid the free edges I can manually split the first surface into a few surfaces such that the intersecting edge is identical, though I want to know if there’s an automatic way of doing this, such that the first surface is automatically subdivided when you try and join the surface?

Or is the best way to create a solid first with these two surfaces and then explode? Then you’d have to assign a thickness and delete all the unwanted surfaces.



Hi Ben - NonMaifoldMerge does this - does that give the result you want?


That’s perfect Pascal! Thanks very much!