Intersecting Fillets - Second Failing

Doesn’t matter what radius or direction goes first the second fails to fillet.

One is structural at the hub, the other for rounding an edge people can handle.

I’ve tried chamfer as well, down to 0.05mm on the edges, doesn’t matter what radius on the hub join.

If I do the wing first it goes edges both went at 0.5mm, also tried as surfaces & edges to get it to work.

A related problem is joining where I’ve radius a pointy end then want to radius the wing edge around it & having trouble joining those two.

The image shows the second fillet at the hub failing leaving the white gouge, it goes at 0.35mm if first.

Haven’t found the combo & stumped so appreciate insight & advice.

It’s really hard to tell without the file to look at. Are you using solid fillets or surface?

I’ve tried both ways yet to fillet offset solid for wings and insert a file of the hub with splines; I couldn’t get fillets to work as all surfaces.

So the edges go almost 2/3 around the hub, it’ll fillet as an edge the whole way if done first and lines on the outside are fairing into the hub almost normal, it took tweaking to get it to go the whole way.

But then the easy trailing edges fail !!! … they’re fine if done first so my conflict is at the corner where they meet, some way to accept a 3-axis fillet with an inside corner.

There’s nda needs on this or’ I’d attach the file instead of images, this shot up at the join, I’ve even tried a fillet on the small edge where they join.


You’re going to need to upload the file or at least the segment of the file that’s giving you problems.

I’ll prepare a test of a corner into the hub, simpler, may even get it to work, haven’t tried detuning accuracy yet & that a thot will try that first … not much I can do otherwise unless this is under NDA, can’t just upload it publicly.

It’s all about the wing surface corner after thickening to 1.3mm and intersecting the hub solid & adding a fillet in two directions from that corner.


Do not mess around with tolerances. Keep it at .001 mm. You are just asking more problems down stream if you do.

Ok, my test case is an angle iron meeting another, so at the join it’s a filler with one side, on the leg perpendicular to that face the edges are rounded off on the same side.

That’s the problem in simple geometry, thickness is 1.3mm on the one and the other is thicker, 4mm wall.

That really helped, I paid attention to join-n-trim & extend, first step no extend against the flat, did the rounding of the leg next both no join-n-trim. The last step selecting the curve of the rounding and the rest of the angle and choosing join-n-trim succeeded.

Will find out if the curve matters, I have to refine it again before trying; that’s the sequence I likely didn’t try all the way.

thx again, novice & learning.

No way!!! … having the curves it doesn’t expose an edge like it does rectilinear so one is forced to use OffsetSrf and that’s the Catch-22 I’m back to … :expressionless:

I used extrude on my test not offset to a curved surface to a solid, would that matter?

Anyway, for the test it had edges after offsetting to choose for fillets, not for the curved surfaces you get a surface list to choose from zero edges.

It did fillet but the wrong way and the fill fillet doesn’t work toward the hub when I change pick order it fails so won’t fill using the normals-up side of the wing and out on the hub.