Intersect strange bug

Hi all

A very strange intersection bug is attached here. 2 surfaces that clearly intersect show no intersection, UNTIL they are both moved (by any amount) - then intersection suddenly works. Please see file attached.

intersect.3dm (215.0 KB)

Hi Nico - I see that - I’ll add a bug report. For now, if you InsertKnot > Automatic on the orange surface in V, the intersection will work in the current location. Thanks for sending this.


Great, thank you.

Hi Pascal

This error has appeared on a related file - notice the one surface happily intersects while the other does not.
File attached. intersection.3dm (552.8 KB)

Hi Nico - thanks, this is another good case for the developer, I’d say. If you insert knots in the U direction (Automatic) then the Intersection works OK. ( The seam on the spherical surface is the intersection with the plane in this case.I don’t know if that comes into play as well)