Intersect fails

Why does this array pattern fail to find all the intersects ?

intersect.3dm (76.4 KB)


Hi @Keith1634

For some reason, the pattern isn’t really that precise. I don’t know how you made it, but I recreated it, using just one of the polygons (just copying it, using the end snap), and tehe revised version intersects just fine.

intersectJN.3dm (257.1 KB)

HTH Jakob

Thanks Jakob, that helped.

I used array dist x=1 y=1.732, if I increase y to 1.7321 then Rhino finds the intersect.


In these types of situations, I always try to use object snaps to set the offset distance. Sometimes it means constructing a bit of helper geometry or setting up a few elements in repeating pattern if the array isn’t rectangular.


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