Intersect fail,

Is there a reason why intersect sometimes fail on a seemingly very easy task? (948.6 KB)

I think it doesn’t like the V degree =7… change it to 5 and the intersection works… --Mitch

I cant, its actually part of some other surfaces wich is curvature continuous, if i go to degree 5 i loose the shape thus the curvature continuity,…

As a workaround, you can call InsertKnot and add a knot to the degree 7 surface in the long direction. Added to the bug list. RH-30343
Thanks for the report.

I was discovering the same just now @chuck but found I had to add 2 knots. The location is probably a factor too.

Thanks guys i can try that tomorrow, what you can also do sometimes is split the surface but i figured reporting it would help also,…