Intersect: Curve segment-surface vs. polycurve-surface

Even though the curve segment lies on the surface within model tolerance, their _Intersect result is a point, but when the curve is part of a polycurve, a full overlap curve is created.

This occurs in 7.25 and 8.0.23003.14305, 2023-01-03.

image image

IntersectFail99.3dm (53.8 KB)
(The geometry is from Another day another trim fail )

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Hi Steve - I see that, thanks. The pulled version of the curve does intersect fully. It is ~.002 off of the surface … less than tolerance to be sure but still not a small amount, really - I’ll get this on the heap. The end point appears to actually be on the surface - my know-nothing guess is that is to blame here.

RH-72327 Intersection inconsistent


Thanks for posting this. I fixed it.

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