Interpreting "Check" output

When getting “object not valid” in the “Check” is there a way of knowing from the text im getting what object exactly is cousins the problem ?

What else does Check have to say, anything?


Hi @pascal,
Tnx for replying,
was not able to create a bad object at the moment, but im talking about this window :

and the message that i get when thers an object is not valid,
is there a way to know from that text, what is the exact “not valid” object in the file ?

Here’s a snippet from the chapter in the User’s Guide about Curve and Surface Analysis:

Diagnostic tools report on an object’s internal data structure and select objects that may need repair. The output from the List, Check, SelBadObjects, and Audit3dmFile commands is normally most useful to a Rhino programmer to diagnose problems with surfaces that are causing errors.

One of the commands other than Check might be more forthcoming about your “problem child”.

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Tnx @dhall,
will try those command the next time i’ll encounter a problematic object.