Interpolation curve between evaluate point and intersection point not working

Hello, I’m trying to create an interpolate curve in between 4 points. The I tried to create the two upper points (1 and 2) with both methods intersection curve/line and intresection plane/curve.
The point (3) on the diagonal is created by evaluate curve function.
The lower point (4) is a point by coordinates.

When I create the curve it doesn’t connect the two middle points.

It happens with any curve I try to create

If someone could please help me I would be very glad for it.


sailing1 - good - (33.4 KB)

The problem is that your input for IntCrv has two branches with two points each instead of a single list of four points:

Here is one way around that:

There are other issues though in using this curve to create the boat hull…

P.S. Here is a way to get the hull surface but as you can see, it ignores the chine at the waterline and leaves a very “hollow” bow with insufficient buoyancy forward. Boat hulls are complicated!

sailing1_2021Apr21a3 (26.1 KB)

Dear Joseph I’m really greatfull for your instant help!!! Thanks a lot!! Hulls are complicated shape, I still have to work a lot on it, since this is my master thesis project. Thanks for the other suggestions I’m gonna start working on them. Best regards

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thanks a lot this is gonna be very usefull to me

Hi joseph,

I’d like to ask for your help again if you would be so kind to hep me.

I’m using the lunchbox, in the ‘‘excelwrite’’ function I need to export the data in 2 columns and 19 rows, but I manage only to export in 19 columns and 2 rows. Is there a way to switch them? Then always with lunchbox but with the function ‘‘advancedbake’’ this time the box is orange even if it bakes the curves I need.

My last problem is about split a list of curves with a plane. I have to split the curves of the linesplane with a longitudinal plane and an horizontal one in order to be able to separately project them on one same plane.

I attache you my file, the file where I clustered same stuff and marked the lunchbox problem (on the right and the file where I marked the problem with the curves.

Hope you could help me.

Best regards (249 KB) (257 KB) (266 KB)

Flip Matrix often does that job. I don’t have Lunchbox installed. Your model was too complex for me, given that all inputs disappeared into a massive cluster, one of many used in the large model.

thank you