Interpolate two transformations - quarterions


Some years ago Daniel Piker showed an example how to interpolate transformations matrices for fabrication layouts. Is that example still present somewhere or something similar? I tried to search gh forum without luck

Maybe @DanielPiker him and he’ll come hopping :kangaroo:

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you need to convert from matrix(3x3) to quaternion, then use a “slerp” function, to interpolate between two quaternions
and then convert back to matrix(3x3) again. This is just for rotation. For location simple use loc+(deltavector * t )
conversions can be found here:

be aware that quaternions can be x,y,z,w or w,x,y,z, order. Do you know how get from a rotationmatrix(3x3) to a transformationmatrix(4x4)?

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See this reply:

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Thank you very much.