Interpolate not working: mixing points (2 models at once)

Hey everyone :slight_smile:

this is my first time using the forum, so I’m not sure if I’ll be clear with my problems haha

I’m an architect and I work with bamboo. I’m designing two large structures for a community in Mexico and I’m having trouble with interpolate. I’m modeling the two structures at the same time, with the same code because they’re extremely similar.

I’m using interpolate to create the curves that are gonna be piped to represent bamboos.
Each “column” (or collection of bamboos) has a base point and two other points that are aligned, but the last point in the curve goes to the beam (you can see the points selected in the picture)

I already have all the points I need. The problem is that the last point in the curves are mixed between the 2 structures. I have to do interpolate 4 times to create these pillars (they consist of 8 bamboos each, 2 to each side: front, back, left and right). The first time everything went well, but the second time the last points in the curve got mixed with the last in the other structure (i’ve attached a picture to show what happened).

I’ve tried changing the order of the curves, didn’t do much.

Please let me know if theres’s anything that I can add to make you guys understand more haha I’m not sure it’s clear.
Thank you all very much in advance :slight_smile:


You can attach your definition.