Interpolate meshes but with anchor point

find the inner point and move it to the middle distance between this point and
the point closest to this point, but it have some ifs :slight_smile:

  1. if the naked point of main mesh is on the elipse, then move the inner point to closest naked point
  2. if the inside point is the extreme point of main mesh, do not move it, it should be like an anchor point
    could be also more inner points , find each one and move each like earlier mentioned,
    You will understand better in dxf that I attached,
    Hope a lot for your HELP,
    NEED YOURS HELP Explanation 1.dxf (288.4 KB)
    NEED YOURS HELP Main building 1.dxf (17.8 MB)

This is my IDEEA with elipse , if someone have other IDEEAS, everything is accepted …
Thanks in advance !!!