Interpolate curve to follow base curve


I was wondering if there’s a way to draw an interpolate curve as in the screenshot (red one) that follows the black curve and still hits the blue start and end point. Or is this only possible with deforming the red curve?


interpolate_follow_base_curve.3dm (40.4 KB)

oops missed draw interpolate on surface! never mind.

Hi Pilippe - Flow the red curve from the cyan to the black. ‘Stretch=Yes’ , PreserveStructure=No … ?

interpolate_follow_base_curve_PG.3dm (46.6 KB)

Or Extrude the wiggly back curve and Project the elliptical one onto it - you could Rebuild a copy of the elliptical curve and Project with the ‘Loose’ option to get a simpler resulting curve, if that is the goal.
Hmm- I see Loose projecting does not like this idea very much for some reason. Ah - you need to make the rebuilt curve non-periodic (MakeNonPeriodic) . I’ll see if we can fix that in V6.

interpolate_follow_base_curve_PG_2.3dm (72.9 KB)


Thanks Pascal, looking into it!