Interpolate Curve through points using Read Command File?


I have a large number of points created through ptGridArray. The points are shifted in the z axis. I’d like to draw lines through the points, resulting in a large series of parallel lines.

For example, I have a grid of points named:


I want an interpolated curve (InterpCrv) connecting points 0,0 to 1,0 to 2,0 to 3,0 to 4,0. I then want another interpolated curve connecting points 0,1 to 1,1 to 2,1 to 3,1 to 4,1. I’d like the InterpCrv to be 3 degrees, Uniform Knot.

What’s the proper way to format a text document to have this done using Read Command File?

Many thanks in advance.

(Rajaa Issa) #2

Hi Myron,
Do you already have the paneling array created in your document, or do you like to add it through the file you are reading?


Hi Rajaa,

I already have the paneling array created. There was kind of an extensive middle step to identify and move a large number of points in the z axis, and I wouldn’t know how to combine that step with a step creating a curve between the points.

Does this answer your question?

(Rajaa Issa) #4

Hi Myron,
Sorry for late reply. I thought discourse notifies when you reply, but I did not receive one in this case.

You will need a script to create interpolated curves through columns or rows. I attached a Grasshopper definition that should help you. Let me know if it is useful. KB)