International characters in STEP exports

Is it the STEP format that doesn’t support them or is it a problem when Rhino blocks gets exported to STEP?

Either way, international characters in block names seems to be a no in Rhino if you want to export, currently…

EDIT: Doubt it’s a STEP file shortcoming, because I just noticed this in the imports… image
That question mark should be an international character, but I saw entire blocks being replaced by the wrong block when I tried exporting with them…

Hi Robert -

It looks like all is fine with exporting from Rhino but you might want to walk me through the steps.

In a new file, I created a box, made that into a block named “Låsemutter”, placed a few copies, selected all and exported to STEP. Closed the file and started a new file. Imported the STEP file and double-clicked it. This is what I see:


What are you doing differently?

Thanks for the quick reply! Unfortunately, I had to deliver quickly so I just renamed everything to English now.

However, I can spot two differences:

  1. You’re on a Mac, I’m on Windows.
  2. My international characters were in nested blocks.
  3. I had blocks named similarly to “Låsemutter 1”, “Låsemutter 2” etc, and what I saw was that the resulting STEP had replaced those with a single block named something like “LE6”… ie, it had mangled everything after the international character and then it couldn’t tell the blocks apart so I was missing some (and they had the wrong transform).

Hi Robert -

I got to my Windows machine now. I created an assembly with nested blocks in Rhino, exported that to STEP and imported that into a new file - still seems fine here:

It’s not clear to me if the STEP file was created in Rhino in your example. At any rate, if you have something that is repeatable, throw it over.