Internalising large amounts of data can cause autosave slow down

I was just about to make a post about grasshopper slowing down even when the solver is disabled when I realised it is caused by the autosave feature.

In an attempt to optimise my solution I internalised some of the data that I was happy with. Unfortunately this means that every time I change anything in the solution it autosaves and has to resave all of the internalised data.

Not sure there is a solution to this other than not internalising large amounts of data (worked out as around 80mb file). I’m now using data dams instead.

Yep, it’s a thorny issue. There is a solution if you’re running Rhino6, which is to put your data in separate files using the Data Output component, then reference the data back into your actual file using the Data Input components (Params.Util panel). This will allow you to remove that gunk from all saving steps.

Ah fantastic! I was considering trying to make something similar myself. I was going to wait to update till the end of this project but perhaps I will upgrade sooner.

Do note that not necessarily all data can be serialized. Although obviously if it is internalised already then it can. Some plug-ins may expose new data types whose (de)serialisation is not implemented, poorly implemented, or practically impossible. For these cases both internalisation and data outputting won’t work.