Internalised hatch error

Hi all, I am having an issue with internalised hatches in GH. This is my process:

1_ Reference the hatch into grasshopper (so far all good)
2_Internalised the hatches (so far all good)

I save the file, I close both rhino and Gh and when I reopen the file I get the error as invalid hatch (STEP 3 in the image).

I know there dealing with hatches it different compare to geometry but I don’t understand why it works fine until I restart Rhino and GH.

Thanks if anyone can help me out!!

It’s because Elefront doesn’t serialize special geometry correctly.

Thanks! And do you know if there is an alternative way to do it?

There’s no very good (& simple) way. Let me figure out the best way to do it.

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I implemented this in my Grasshopper plugin, sort of. As the hatch is not previewable (but bakable). Does this work for you?

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Thank for the time! Yes unfortunately for what I am trying to achieve the preview is something that I need.

No actually it does, when I reference the hatch I can see the preview. The problem is once I try to internalise.

OK it seems I misconfigured something. It is correctly deserialized & previewed in the latest attempt.

update: The feature will be released in Pancake

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