Internalise data

I am using Geometry Pipeline to take geometry from certain layers. Once it does, I want to make the component that takes the geometry to internalise data once a button is pressed. The same button is used to bake an output and it places it on the same layers that the input was taken from. I need to stop Geometry Pipeline a step before the output is created. Is there a way to “break” the wire like this?

This might work (using Metahopper). If not, I’m sure @andheum can elaborate on which methods you need to access/script etc.

Not a big deal, just want to know if it is possible at all. Tried the
plugin but no luck.

I actually think a gh native data dam might do what you need - to prevent the “infinite loop” condition from the pipeline’s listener. You can use metahopper “set object value” with a Boolean value and a reference to the data dam to dynamically tell it when to pass the data. Alternately there’s a metahopper pre-release floating around the forum that lets you internalize data to a param dynamically - but since this is just like the right click menu item it is a one-time only operation (I.e. you can’t reconnect the param to its source)

Will play around :slight_smile: 10x!