Intern points

Hello guys I have this series of lines what I got from brep/brep with end points component the start point in the red circle some points are flipped How can I get all start points in the same side? thanks in advance!

intern (5.3 KB)


Since your lines are neatly grouped, you can simply get a line point, for instance the center point, for each line and average these points. The new point can then be used as a reference point.
You can now measure the distance between this point and each end point of a line. The end point with the shortest distance to the reference point is going to be the one you are probably looking for.

intern points (8.1 KB)

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Nice I was thinking on it even I was trying closest to my surface but I had not very clear how to sort it, thank u very much sr!

You’re welcome!

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or like this…

intern (9.8 KB)


yeey thanks too! :slight_smile:

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another way.

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