Intermittent visibility issue with PictureFrame


I am having what appears like intermittent issues with PictureFrame. The surface is not visible in the viewports in all but the Rendered display mode. At times I can see these created surfaces in XRay mode. Erratic issue:

I can however select it by clicking on the grid where I know it has been positionned:

Here is a copy of the 3dm file. And of the image texture applied to the surface.

PicFrame_Vis_issue.3dm (681.1 KB)

Enclosed is the file and image.

Kind regards,

WIP Version: (6.0.16306.9301, 01-Nov-16).
ROG G501VW-FY112T - i7 - 8 Go - SSD - GTX 960M

Hi Jean,

Thanks for the file and description of what you’re seeing. In a slightly newer WIP this Picture is displaying in other display modes here. Can you check on your GPU driver to see if there is a newer one? Also check the next public WIP please and let me know if it’s still a problem.

this issue was has been declared as solved in RH-36120
since its written closed i at least believe so?

active threads about this are here click
and here click

I guess the search I did before posting would have profited from being more thorough…

Thanks for the link to the bug tracking.
Where can you find in which version the bug fix has been deployed in? Is status closed meaning that it has been deployed to the currently available WIP release ?

The GetIssueState command followed by the bug track number e.g. rh-36120 will return a true or false in the command line to indicate if the fix is in that build. Unfortunately the GetIssueState command hasn’t been working recently but that’s filed too and will hopefully get fixed soon.