Interior rendering - ceiling and walls too dark


Hi All, im new here. Im trying to find a faster way to do interior renderings than Vray, and was hoping that Rhino 5 render view or Neon might work, but when i try, i find that the ceiling and walls of my scene look too dark. Anybody else using Neon for interior renders? Any tutorials? Thanks


Neon with the basic Rhino renderer won’t work because the built-in renderer doesn’t support Global Illumination. If you install the Brazil demo you can use brute-force qmc, though while I haven’t fully tested it you could likely usually get faster results for interiors mostly lit indirectly(at least if you don’t have a Caustic card)with photon mapping in Brazil, which is similar to Vray.

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Hi Haldane,

Speed will be decided by the CPU and model more than anything with lighting and output size also playing a significant role. Vray may end up being faster with certain effects enabled such as their irradiance mapping which is excellent. However, just for fun I’ve set up a fake indirect illumination interior for you using Rhino Render and Neon. It’s fast and might be of interest to you. In short, I used the Sun and some rectangular lights positioned where the sun light would bounce. Rhino render is limited in what it can do but the same direct lighting approach could be used with Brazil too for any effect not supported in base Rhino like depth of field.

FakeGI_NeonRR.3dm(154.9 KB)