Interior curves - is that?

I can not understand the meaning of this function, can anyone explain its use? Where does she work?

if there were a curve running from the C to A in that picture, it would be an interior curve

Okay, but how is this function used? Where can it be useful?

if you use a looser tolerance (small number), the surface will more loosely adhere to or be less influenced by the curve.

a tighter tolerance will make the surface go through the curve in a more exact fashion.

depending on the curves in the network, a loose tolerance can sometimes result in a better or smoother surface at the expense of utmost precision

(edit)-- i said that backwards… a looser tolerance is a larger number

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What Jeff said… but as an example - if the interior curves do not quite intersect, a looser tolerance can allow a smooth surface to be calculated there. Remember NetworkSrf can accept any old junk as input as long as the arrangement is correct. On the edges, most likely you want to be able to join to neighboring surface edges so the tolerance is smaller.


Many thanks to all! :sweat_smile: Now understand…